Elan Cafe – Insta Heaven

Bela and I had a rare Monday off so we thought we’d spend it drinking coffees and eating pancakes. No “new year, new me” over here!

We’d seen some really cool pics of Elan Cafe on Instagram so thought we’d go and check it out and it didn’t disappoint. One thing to note is there are two Elan cafes we went to the one on Brompton Road.

Insta heaven

It really is beautiful inside. Pink flowers, velvet chairs, marble work tops. It’s not just the decor that’s impressive. The food is pretty good too. The cake display at the front is heaven and had our mouths watering. We went just before Valentine’s Day so there was a heat shaped flower garland in the window.

Not just a pretty face

we were quite hungry and didn’t want a complete sugar overload and fancied a bit of brunch. I ordered a chai latte and pan fried banana bread with berries and coconut yogurt. It was delicious and Bela had a lucky charms latte, which took her back to her youth and she had waffle with spiced apple compote for her meal.

We’d really recommend Elan Cafe. Just be warned it’s very popular and the queues do get quite long at the weekends. So if you can, go during the week and don’t forget to take your camera because everywhere you look is a great photo op!

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