Mother Mash

Baby, it’s cold outside

It’s actually FREEZING outside. So, what you need on a winter’s evening is some hot, hearty, carbtastic food. Cookie and I went in search of some in Soho and we ended up in Mother Mash on Ganton Street just off Carnaby Street.

Mash up

If you don’t love mash, let me just stop you there. First of all, why don’t you love mash?! Second of all, you should probably stop reading now. This restaurant is dedicated to all good things – mash, sausage and pie. Here’s how it works:


Cookie went for the classic one. I ordered cheesy mash (although they actually brought me classic mash but I was too British to complain). They have loads of options, including horseradish and sweet potato with chilli.


We both chose the veg and herb sausage (because Cookie doesn’t eat meat and I copied her a few months ago). There are pork options, flavoured ones, lamb and mint etc. Or, you can go for a pie – steak, veg, chicken etc. Maybe next time we’ll get the veggie pie.


There’s a few options for vegetarians, onion, liquor or veggie gravy. I had onion and Cookie chose the veggie one. They also do meaty ones.

If you go for the sausage, it’s £9.25 and if you have a pie, it’s £9.95. The portions are big so this is good value for money.

S-mash-ed it!

We both really enjoyed it. The mash is creamy but still light – we didn’t feel like we were in a food coma afterwards. The veggie sausages were really tasty – more like a mushy texture than a Quorn consistency but they were still crispy on the outside. The gravy was also delicious. The only negative thing I can say is that they gave me classic mash when I ordered the cheesy option but to be fair, I didn’t complain so they didn’t have the chance to put it right! Maybe, it was part of their plan so we visit again to taste the cheesy mash. We will definitely be going back. If you like hearty, tasty, no nonsense food which is reasonably priced, get down there!


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