Stranger Things x Topshop

A round of applause to Topshop for one of the coolest and smartest collaborations we’ve seen recently. Fans of Netflix TV show Stranger Things are in for a massive treat with Topshop x Stranger Things to celebrate the second season.

What can you buy?

A range of Stranger Things clothing including Barb tee shirts (our personal fave), retro sweatshirts, caps and Hawkins Lab tees.

Branded lunchboxes, the Book of Barb (another fave of ours) and rucksacks.


What can you do?

There’s a spooky-ish photobooth – of course we didn’t need to be asked twice.

Have your picture taken by the Hawkins High School lockers – these are pretty cool with a lot of detail from the show ANit’s a bit creepy…

If you spend £25 in store, you get to enter an arcade. Unfortunately, Cookie and I went before pay day so we didn’t get to go in haha.

You can try to move a Coke can using “only” your mind like Eleven…and it’s in the shop window so shoppers on Oxford Street can watch your skills!

You’ve only got one more day to get involved so if you’re a fan of Stranger Things we highly recommend.


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