Ladies that brunch 

It’s bottomless

There are loads of bottomless brunches around at the minute. This one I went to was a bottomless champagne brunch. You can go for two or three courses. It lasts around 2 hours. The Hix restaurant is a chain but the one I went to was in Browns hotel in Mayfair.

As it’s brunch the food has on the whole a breakfast vibe. I went for three courses and ordered the Isle of Wight tomato tart with shaved Caerphilly Gorwydd and wood sorrel for starters, Eggs Florentine for my main and Peruvian Gold chocolate mousse with honeycomb for dessert.

I think I enjoyed my starter the most. The eggs were great, but not runny, so that was a bit disappointing. The dessert was really yummy, but the chocolate without the honeycomb was a bit too rich for me. The restaurant had a really good vibe and the champagne was really nice and the waiters kept it topped up for the whole two hours!

The grand total is £55 thats if you go for three courses and have champagne. There other options for example, having Bloody Marys instead of champagne.

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