Pucker up – Green lipstick?

Who doesn’t love a bit of lippy?

In the last few years my lipstick collection has grown quite  a lot. For a few years it was about the lip gloss but now it’s all about the lippy. I’m a fan of baby pinks, hot pinks, nudes and corals.

Like Mother like Daughter

My mum has always been into her lipsticks too and I would raid her dresser when I was younger and try on as many lipsticks as possible. Recently my Mum went on holiday to Canada and treated herself and me to a bit of duty-free. She got both of us lipsticks from a brand called Lipstick Queen. It comes in a real nice pink case. So when you first open it up you’re greeted by this green lipstick and you think well this is a bit odd. But putting it on is a real breeze it goes on so easily and has a lot of moisture in it which is a bonus.

Is it working? 

At first you might think you’ve just applied a bit of vaseline, but after a few minutes it starts to change colour and turns into a real nice pinky/reddy colour. I think the official name is magical rosebud. The colour changes with the warmth of your lips so it will be a little bit different on each person. The best thing about it is it lasts a really long time. No need to keep reapplying. Definitely worth giving it a try if you’re looking for a new lipstick 💋

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