Our top tips to get into journalism

Work experience: To get a feel for a newsroom.

Listen to and watch the news: You need to be across everything from politics to celebrities.

Hustle: Make contacts, focus on what you want and how you can get there.

Persevere: The industry is highly competitive. You need to be persistent.

Always be on time or early: There are no excuses for being late. News doesn’t wait for anyone.

Be enthusiastic: You’ve got to work your way up. You may start out answering phones but at least you’re in the right environment. Just be happy to be there and willing to help out.

Listen to other radio stations: It’s always good to listen to how other stations cover stories or how other people read the news. Take it on board and learn from others.

Be flexible: That means you’ll have to work late or sometimes change your shift at the last minute or even go and get vox pops in the rain.

Take on board constructive feedback: You’re never going to perfect at the beginning. We all learn by taking on board useful feedback from others. Develop a thick skin.

Be realistic: Chances are, a job presenting the 6pm news on TV won’t fall into your lap. You will need to work for free, unsocial hours and start at the bottom. And then the 6pm TV news job will follow 🙂

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