Cocktails in the City

If you haven’t already guessed, we like cocktails!

When Cookie and I heard we could go on a London bar crawl under one roof, we signed up immediately. Cocktails in the City is a pick of the city’s best bars showcased at one massive event. Tickets cost £15 each and includes one drink on arrival. The London Easter edition was at One Marylebone.


Cocktails o’ clock!

It started at 6.30pm and we got there on time as we didn’t want to miss out on any action, keen! We were given a token each for our free cocktail. Luckily, it was a warm evening so we headed to the outdoor garden and got our first drink – a gin based cocktail, which was a good start, very refreshing – see below.


Inside the venue, there were so many pop up bars, we didn’t know where to look! First, we got ourselves some currency. One token is £7.50 and buys you one drink. So we each bought three tokens. We spotted a photobooth with props, which is always a great idea. The guys at Barts were so friendly, they emailed us our photos – so high tech! Then we stumbled into Cahoots for more photo fun.

Pudding cocktail

We spotted London Cocktail Club, which is one of our faves. I got way too excited and ordered what can only be described as a pudding cocktail. Ice cream, popcorn, M&Ms and jelly sweets – my Mom jeans were fast becoming skinny jeans, eek. Cookie was smarter and opted out of the pudding cocktail. She just took pictures of me and the LCC girl instead.

Whilst I recovered from my sugar coma, Cookie got herself a nice gin based cocktail from Lucky Pig. At first, we thought we’d been to Lucky Pig but then we realised it was Blind Pig that we had been to….and this was only one drink in lol. We sat down for a bit to enjoy our cocktail / pudding and soaked in the vibe. It started to get quite busy by around 7.30pm but there was a nice vibe, everyone was friendly and having fun.

Running out of currency

With just two tokens left between us, we chose Bulldog Gin next because we thought we would stick to gin and not mix spirits but what sealed the deal is we got cool dog tags with our drinks! These cocktails turned out to be really good.

Finally, we ended up at Three Six Six. There was a lot of buzz around a fountain of Brockman’s Gin. Here, the bartender gave us a glass of a fruity gin cocktail and then we were directed to a different area, where we had to eat a piece of dried apricot to compliment the drink, exciting! It was a very unique experience to end our tour.


There were so many other bars we wanted to check out but for the sake of our livers, we had to look but not touch! If you love cocktails as much as we do, it’s a really cool event. The only downside is, there are so many bars you’ll want to try but unfortunately, you might not be able to sample EVERYTHING.


Cocktails in the City host events around the country and if you’re based in London, there’s a Summer edition coming up in July – we might see you there!

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