My relationship with coffee started when I (Bela) got my first job in the city after graduating. I worked in a law firm in Chancery Lane and every morning, all the busy bee workers would be power walking in their suits and heels…always holding a cup of coffee. So I thought “I probably need one of those too to complete my City look!” Oh dear. So I started getting a vanilla latte every morning on my way to work. Then I realised how many extra calories these were adding to my daily allowance and love handles so I switched to a skinny latte.


It wasn’t until a few years later at my job in a very fast paced intense corporate law firm that the relationship moved to the next level and I felt like I started to NEED coffee. Working late and on weekends with tight deadlines, I needed caffeine. Since moving into journalism, coffee has not left my side. Early starts, late finishes, overnight shifts, 10 hour days…it’s fair to say me and coffee are exclusive! 


Recently I’ve been playing the field a bit and branching out into Chemex, matcha, beetroot and golden lattes. I love matcha lattes because they taste so clean and light plus matcha contains antioxidants. The green colour makes me feel like it’s super healthy!

Beetroot lattes also taste lighter and there is only a slight hint of the beetroot flavour. It’s taken my obsession with pink to another level and is probably the most instagrammable coffee you will ever find! 

Golden lattes are a bedtime fave for me. I boil some almond milk, add tumeric, ginger, honey and cinnamon. I blend it all together until it’s frothy and then sprinkle some more cinnamon on top. It helps with my sweet cravings and is so warming that it helps me to relax before bed.


Chemex is something new I tried out. It’s a special method of brewing and filtering the coffee. It is highly complex! I watched the barista make mine and it takes a while using exact temperatures and repeating the filter procedure a few times. I’m not usually a fan of black coffee but the barista recommended I try it first without milk. I did and it was so light and actually refreshing. It tasted really pure and clean. But it’s not one to order if you’re in a hurry!

These days I’m trying to cut back so I try to stick to two or three coffees a week so I’m not relying on caffeine to prop me up at my desk! But I do still love going into a coffee shop and being presented with a frothy latte.

Current coffee relationship status = it’s complicated. 

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