Hip hop brunch 

Calling all daytimers!

It’s a daytime thing! Good music, karaoke (if you’re brave enough, competition is fierce) there’s a bit of food thrown into the mix too. When it was my last birthday I decided to do something a bit different from going out at 9pm and getting home at 3am. My friend Jo (see pic below, she’s on the left!), the one who told me about Supa Dupa Fly, she also told me about Hip Hop brunch. She goes to all the good stuff!


So I checked it out and thought I’d give it a whirl. It does take up a big chunk of your Saturday afternoon (12pm til 5pm) and if you’re going for the full experience which includes bottomless cocktails for an hour and a three course meal, you’re looking at £40-£45 depending on if you can get the early bird tickets. I think if it’s your birthday and you want to do something different it’s worth it. You do have the option of paying £15 and turning up at 2.30pm and staying until 5pm – food is not included in this option.


Be prepared to drink 

So you turn up at midday and if you’re that way inclined you need to be prepared to drink. They only refill your cocktail once you’ve finished it. So if you want to get your money’s worth you need to drink at a reasonable and responsible speed. Food wise, they serve things like jerk chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese and cheesecake. The venue changes each time and you only find out the Tuesday before your selected date. Both times Bela and I went, we were at The Grand in Clapham. It lives up to the name as it’s pretty big and there are lots of cool bars and restaurants in the area if you did want to carry on afterwards. It’s also really close to Clapham Junction station, win.

Old skool Vs. New skool 

The music is old and new skool hip hop and RnB – caters for all. There lots of other bits to do before lunch is served. You could get a fake tattoo, sign up for karaoke, take some pictures with the huge cardboard cutouts of hip hop legends like Biggie and Tupac.

There’s also lots of cool memorabilia like inflatable boomboxes and champagne bottles. Or you can just chill, listen to Ashanti and Ja Rule and enjoy the vibe.


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