Hummus Bros

“Hummus! I got the hummus!”

Remember that episode of Friends when Phoebe got the hummus on her dress?? Too funny. It’s not 100% related to this post except we are talking about hummus. Cookie is pescatarian and although I do eat meat, I often go for vegetarian options when I eat out. So we are always on the lookout for good veggie lunch options close to work. Someone recommended Hummus Bros.


Peas and Love

The story is that it’s a Levantine kitchen opened by two college friends (the bros) who wanted to create something healthy and filling, which wouldn’t break the bank. Cute. There’s a few locations around London and the Soho one is a 15 min walk from work so I power walked down there to get a takeaway for us. I got there at 1.30pm and there was a long queue (good sign), it’s very clean (important for anyone who’s got OCD like me) and there weren’t many empty tables inside. There was a long row of takeaway bags lined up against one wall for customers who’d ordered in advance. I made a mental note for next time! 

Salsa, tzatziki, guacamole…SOLD!

I ordered two hummus bowls – falafel for Cookie and falafel and guacamole for me (I’m obsessed with avocado). There is the most efficient production guy filling up the bowls with hummus, lettuce, tomato and coriander salsa, tzatziki, guacamole (for me), paprika, jalapenos (for Cookie) and a drizzle of olive oil. It’s served with a warm pitta but you can swap the pitta for carrot sticks, rice cakes, gluten free bread or tortilla chips. We went for the regular size, which was £6.85 each – plus £1 for extra jalapenos. I reckon it should be 50p extra but no biggie.

Full of fluffy falafel

I power walked back to work and ate with Cookie in our kitchen area. The food was really fresh, the falafel’s crunchy but fluffy on the inside and there’s so many different flavours packed into the hummus bowl. It’s also really filling. We would both definitely go back. I’d like to try the falafel wrap next time and the bros have their own recipe book, which you can buy in store. If you like hummus and fresh flavours with a kick, you won’t be disappointed.

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