Bobbi Brown Afternoon Tea

Bobbi Brown x Balthazar

Over the Easter weekend we thought we’d treat ourselves to an afternoon tea and a bit of me / us time. So we booked the Bobbi Brown beauty-inspired afternoon tea in Covent Garden.


Look the part

Our tea was booked for 3pm and as part of the deal you can go for a “glam it up” make up session at the Bobbi Brown store in Covent Garden so you can be looking really good for the tea. We booked our sessions for 2pm. We turned up and were given our make up artists for the afternoon. I was matched up with Luke. Bela can’t remember the name of her make up artist because she was too busy concentrating on all the make up candy in front of her lol.

Smokey eyes

I thought I’d be given a couple of lipsticks to try or maybe just a bit of eyeshadow but Luke went all out and gave me a smokey eye look. (I did turn up with no eye make up on.) It was really cool,  I was happy as I was going out in the evening and wouldn’t need to do my make-up. I was very happy with my session, it wasn’t too much but it was way better than anything I could do myself. He also added a concealer, blush and a lipstick. I was transformed and ready for my tea. I ended up buying the blusher Luke used on me because I’d been looking for a rosy one.

Bela’s make up artist used a shimmer eyeshadow and did a smudged eyeliner effect on her. She used a concealer / cover up, which Bela bought and she also filled in her brows. At first, Bela was unsure about the brows as she’d made them darker and thicker than she’s used to but by the end of the session, she liked them! She added a little blush too.

Champagne is always a good option 

Once we were given our little makeover we headed over to Balthazar for our tea, which conveniently is just across the road. We were a few minutes early (so we took some selfies of our new look obvs) and they were happy to allow us to get started. There are two options with the afternoon tea. You can have a normal tea for £27.50 or you can have a glass of champagne or a cocktail for £37.50. We opted for the champagne and I was really pleased that I recognised the name. It was a glass of Gaston Chiquet, a champagne house I visited in Reims in France. (See the blog)

I am a pescatarian and Bela doesn’t eat beef, so we asked for the chicken and the pastrami sandwiches to be swapped for extra egg mayo and smoked salmon. The waiters were more than happy to oblige and got it all sorted for us. The afternoon tea was very enjoyable. Not only did it taste really good, it looked pretty unique. Each cake is specially made to resemble Bobbi Brown make up. We had some lucious red lips, a mascara, a blusher and a compact! But they were all delicious cakes. The sandwiches were very tasty but I think for Bela and I the icing on the cake were actually the scones. They were so tasty, fresh and slightly warm. We had two each with jam and clotted cream and loved every minute of it. We did end up getting quite full so the staff boxed up our treats so we could take them away.

New York City vibe

The atmosphere in Baltazhar was another highlight. We weren’t rushed at all, there were lots of people having lunch, everyone was really friendly, the decor had a old New York City vibe and we were offered more sandwiches for free, winning! So we could just sit back, relax and sip on our English Breakfast and fresh mint teas.

This is a great little afternoon tea if you want to go with girlfriends or your mum or aunt for a girly day. You get a little glam session to start and then something very satisfying to eat.

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