Lent – No, I’m not Christian

This year I decided to give up chocolate for lent. So that’s 6 weeks of no cookies, Twirls, Galaxy, Dairy Milk, Oreos, Chocolate Digestives, chocolate filled doughnuts and it goes on and on. I gave up chocolate last year and I mostly do it as an attempt to be a bit healthy but to also see if I can give something up. I’ve only got a few weeks left and I can honestly say I haven’t missed chocolate at all. I do however nearly forget! Very easy to do. Like when I went to Pizza Express and basically ordered the chocolate fudge cake for dessert but then remembered I’m not eating chocolate so changed it to a cheesecake instead. I think that’s the thing about giving up chocolate it’s not too hard because there are lots of other naughty things out there that I can have instead. Maybe one year I’ll give up all sweet things! That would be tough.

“So are you a Christian?”

What I “like” most about giving up something for lent are the questions and comments. “Oh so you’re not eating chocolate?” “You’ve given it up for lent?!” “I didn’t know you were a Christian?” Or “Oh so you believe in Christianity as well as your own faith?” It’s just giving up chocolate for 6 weeks people! Not really a biggie.

I do look forward to Easter Sunday which is Sunday 16th April when I can enjoy a cheeky little Easter egg guilt free.

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