The Blind Pig

Hump Wednesdays

To help us get over Hump Wednesday, Bela and I decided to go to a bar! We picked The Blind Pig in Soho. It’s connected to The Social Eating House. You need to look out for the wooden door with the face of a blind folded pig.


“Egg white isn’t unusual”

You go up the stairs and you’re in the bar. We didn’t have much trouble finding a small table. It’s very dark in there so you maybe need a little torch to read the menu. Well, we did anyway. If you like adventurous cocktails with some unusual ingredients then you should definitely try this place. The cocktails have interesting names like Slap ’n’ Pickle or, Kindergarten Cup or Lime leaf side car. I seem to remember quite a few of the cocktails contained egg white, Bela pointed out this isn’t unusual. We were both a bit bemused to see tobacco extract was in one of the drinks. Strange, but true.


I went for the Elderflower Sour which had Beefeater gin, elderflower, peach, lemon, marjoram. Bela chose the Ballroom Spritz which contained Belsazar Rose, Limoncello, Botanist gin, Bitter sherbet, raspberry, Prosecco. A real nice pink/red looking drink served in a champagne glass. (See photo) Bela’s looked like a Bellini but she described it as being real nice and strong. Just what you need on hump day. Mine was quite sour but pretty nice and really easy to drink. So all in all we made the right choices, for us. The drinks were standard bar price. £10 and £10.50 we went on a Wednesday after work and there wasn’t a happy hour on which was a shame I could have easily been convinced to have one more for the right price.


The general vibe was pretty chilled, the clientele pretty mixed in terms of age. The staff were friendly our waiter helped us choose our drinks and gave us his honest opinion on what’s good. So the next time you’re in soho and want to try a drink that isn’t a standard cocktail. Give it a whirl.

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