The Attendant

img_0290Are you taking the p*ss?

A toilet that’s also a café? Say what?! Even though I (Bela) am a massive germ phobe and public toilets are not really my thing (are they anyone’s thing??), Cookie twisted my arm. The Attendant used to be a Victorian toilet but it’s been transformed into a quirky little café.

The Loocation

We went to the Fitzrovia one, which is a 2 minute walk from work and it’s about 10 mins from Oxford Circus. There is one in Shoreditch too but the one on Foley Street is ideal for those breakfast breaks at 9am when we’re on the early shift. It looks like a tube station from outside and it is tiny inside but there’s enough space to eat and queue for specialist coffee (which a lot of people were doing).

What wee ordered

Cookie went for the cheese and tomato croissant and a hot chocolate (this was before she gave up chocolate for lent!) I had a skinny latte and smashed avocado on sourdough toast, which sounds boring but it’s topped with rocket, feta, lime, chilli and comes with a little bit of beetroot hummus on the side (see below). You can “pimp” your breakfast with extras, like poached egg, bacon, mushrooms etc. Our bill came to just over £15. It was definitely worth it, we both enjoyed the food and drinks, the service was good and staff were friendly.


Toilet humour

Like us, The Attendant doesn’t take itself too seriously. I mean, it’s difficult to be serious when you’re eating your breakfast next to a urinal and sitting opposite a hand dryer. We loved the cool vibe at this secluded spot. There’s a wall you can write your name on and leave comments, the message blackboard outside and even the tips jar is cute.

But ultimately for us, it’s about the quality of the food and drink. The Attendant has a great menu and the coffee is…well, one of our friends who is a coffee snob loves it so that says something!  If you fancy a change from your daily porridge with honey (or berry compote if you’re feeling adventurous) then check it out. Thank us later.

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