Supa Dupa Fly

Me: I’m supa fly,  supa dupa fly

Some of you will remember a time when you went clubbing and the music was just pure RnB and hip hop. With a bit of pop thrown in. Good times.

I’m not sure what happened but there was a time when I would go clubbing and all I would hear is dance, trance and a weird techno pop. That’s cool if you’re into it but if you’re not then you were left disappointed. Well, I know  I was and so were a lot of my friends. I had a few birthdays at some pretentious dancey clubs where you had to pay loads to get in and the people in there were just so dull. 

A few years ago one of my friends Jo discovered the Supa Dupa fly night. The tag line – The flyest 90s & 00s Hiphop, RnB & Garage parties in London. Trust me it’s pretty fly. All those 90s classics you could want back to back. I’m talking Aaliyah, Missy, Biggie, Tupac, Montell Jordan, TLC, Blackstreet, Destiny’s Child when they were a 4! 

Some highlights, it’s not just the music that’s good, but the vibe, it’s cool and retro. Without sounding like a granny, it’ll take you back to that magical time of the 90s. Who knew they’d be so memorable. The other plus sides about Supa Dupa Fly are you don’t need to dress up if you don’t want to, you can wear trainers. They play all those old skool videos on a massive screen, making you feel pretty nostalgic. It won’t break the bank sometimes you can get in for free or order tickets in advanced for about £7. The night also covers most parts of London you can catch a Supa Dupa Fly near you. We’ve been to ones at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, Jazz Cafe in Camden, Plan b in Brixton and they even do a night at Bloomsbury bowls.  The only downside is so many people are having such a good time busting a move, it can be sweaty. So be prepared people. If you miss those classic RnB and hip hop tunes on a night out. Check out Supa Dupa Fly, if that’s your kind of thing.

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