Scandi Kitchen


You can’t miss the bright red door with a chalk board outside which reads SMORGASBORD – such a great word.


Three for a fiver 

The salad display is the first thing you see. There are around seven or eight different options to choose from. We went for three salads for £5. 

We chose beetroot and apple, curried cauliflower (we weren’t sure about the cranberries) and sweet potato, spring onion, feta and barley.

You can add meatballs to the salad for a little extra. 


The writing on the wall 

Whilst you wait in the queue, there’s recipes on the wall you can read (or take pictures of – see below), we had to walk past a LONG display of cakes, pastries and buns starting at £1.30 to take away. Cookie had her eye on a giant choux pastry filled with cream… “Did you see that one with cream??” And then five mins later, “The one with the cream looks amazing” but we decided against it as we were trying to be good. Boring.

There is a selection of open sandwiches or you can get a hearty soup of the day with bread for £2.95 and it’s a decent portion. 

Last time we went, Cookie had a chunky winter veg soup. I chose the salad and had major food envy. Next time I think I’ll try the famous Scandi hotdog (£2.95).

We went at the peak of lunchtime around 1.30pm but there was plenty of seating upstairs and downstairs, it’s got a very clean look with a chilled and relaxed vibe. 

Plopp shop

There’s also a store inside where you can buy some of your favourite Scandi treats. A pack of mini cinnamon buns, smoked sausage, different cheese, biscuits and…Plopp. I know.


So if you fancy something healthy, hearty  and full of flavour, head down to Great Titchfield Street. It’s great value for money and you can pick up a pack of mini cinnamon buns on your way out to share with your workmates – or not, your call.

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